So much to catch up on…I know it’s been a few months since the last post, but the best is yet to come. The highlight of this last week was my bird that I caught and brought into Mooshy Mama. It was a great dove, but Mooshy Mama made Alpha Male take it outside when I wasn’t looking. They could have told me, I could smell it but couldn’t find it…making me crazy!!! I worked so hard to catch the darn thing as a gift and it gets discarded behind my back. Same thing happens when I bring in lizards. I let them go so I can chase them, you know they are like wind-up toys, then they hide under the couch or table and I have to keep watch or they get caught up by Alpha Male and taken back outside. I found out today that one of my lizards actually crawled into Moosy Mama’s printer and died there! It had laid eggs and everything but when Mooshy Mama tried to make copies, the feeder kept getting jammed. Low and behold the lizard was stuck in the feeder…GROSS!!! That is not good news for me, they are going to keep a tight watch on me from now on.

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