Feral to fancy

Dear friends,  My name is Sylvester.  I have so much on mind to share with you, can’t wait to get started!  I was a feral kitty, born on Maui in March 2008.   When I was around 3 weeks old, I somehow I got separated from my mom, and got lost along the side of the road.  A nice lady found me, took pity on my depalidated self and took me home.  I was near death, starved and dehydrated.  She nursed me back to health, feeding me tiny bits of shrimp, holding and rubbing my dry and stiff fur until it was soft and shiny.    About 5 weeks old, feeling like my old self, perky and purr-ful, my new caretaker couldn’t keep me any longer.  No one asked me what I wanted, maybe I liked the freedom of being on my own, cruising around the Maui roads, albeit grub was a little scarce but what the heck.    But no…I’m getting pushed around, packed up and hauled off to another island.  On May 31, her friend Jayme was flying back to Oahu, so she packed me in a kitty carrier, together with a little snack bag of baby shrimps and my favorite string toy, and off we went to the airport.  At the terminal, we got pulled aside and poor Jayme got the 3rd degree of inspection.  They opened all of her bags, checked me and my snacks out, I guess they thought she was trying to smuggle in some endangered critter.  Finally satisfied that I was just a kitty, and Jayme wasn’t a criminal, they let us go.  Upon arriving on Oahu, Jayme had lots to do, so she took me to her home where she had three dogs and another grown cat, and realized that I needed a good home with someone.  She was then meeting with a friend who didn’t have any animals and the lady was thrilled to come and get me.  5pm that day, the lady came by to pick me up and the rest, they say, is history!

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