So I’m locked in the little bedroom all night, hearing strange noises, seeing strange bugs, and watching geckos, (my their tails looked appetizing).    Early the next morning, the Alpha Male, opened the door to come and get me.  I was tucked back between two boxes so he reached in with his big paws to grab me and pull me out.  I let out a “HISS”,which to me sounded like a “ROAR”, but it didn’t stop him.   He hauled my little butt out, telling me not to be scared.  Sure, easy for him to say, he knew where he was, I didn’t have a clue.  He carried me out to another room, in the palm of his hand, I was so little.  Over time I would grow to love the sound of a can opener and the opening of the refrigerator.  But today, I was a wild-eyed, heart-pounding, hungry little runt with big ears and a freakishly long tail.  Baby shrimps for breakfast, perhaps?

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