Hi there, like my new photo?  Back to my story… the lady of the house, who I will name “Mooshy Mama” and the man of the house, who will be dubbed “Alpha Male”,  (more on that later) , set me up with a litter box, cat dishes and all the baby shrimps I could eat.  Then the locked me up in the back bedroom when they weren’t home, figuring I would crawl out somewhere when they were gone or get into trouble.  I’m barely 4lbs, big ears and freakishly long tail, how much trouble can I get into?   So I would hide behind and in between boxes, to find a safe place.  Maybe they wouldn’t find me, or would forget about me and leave me alone to grow into my big ears and long tail.  But no, they kept coming at me to hold and pet me, and rub my belly which they kept saying was “soft as a baby bunny”. Baby bunny!!!  Forget about it, I’d rather eat a baby bunny then feel like one.   Life is great, really!

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